17 Dental Marketing ideas that pros use to get 127+ calls in 4 weeks

How To Get 127+ Calls in 4 Weeks


Marketing your dental practice can be difficult, especially when you are super busy with finding new patients and visiting your existing and established clientele, marketing can fall low on your list of priorities and be an extra big, time-consuming expertise. But, marketing is vital to increased traffic & practice revenue. To get you started, here are 17 proven dental marketing strategies to use as a checklist for your practice.

1. Pain and cost are the main barriers for patients. Help them break through!

The pain and cost are the main two reasons people avoid the dentist. There are so many people out there that should be going to the dentist but are afraid to. Always remember to address these to potential patients that it will be a painless experience and it will be a cost-efficient visit.

2. Build a Website For Your Practice

If you reading this article, you know that you should have a website. However, there are probably one or two reasons that you don’t have one yet: 1) You don’t have the expertise to design and develop a high converting website for your practice. 2) Having a website can cost several hundred dollars a year. While this was true several years ago, it’s just no longer the case. We can guide you on how to get your website up and running in no time. Message us to get a quote.

3. Make sure your practice shows up in local search results

When people look up dental practices and other businesses online, you want to be one of the first names that come up. One of the first steps to getting there is to build citations for your business, which means making sure your business is accurately listed in as many online directories as possible. an SEO consultant can do this for you as part of his/her service.

4. Leverage Google to drive local patients to your website

Tons of prospective patients are searching Google to find dental practices like yours. Make sure that when people search “dentist in [your location]”, they are seeing your website listed on the first page of the search engine results and preferably on top organic or paid positions.

5. Start a blog

Educating your patients before they decide using your service can be so helpful in the sales process and make it easier and faster for them to become a patient so Don’t underestimate the power of a blog to connect with potential patients, to give them interesting information that’s relevant to their lives and giving them some extra value from your services.

6. Market results, not services

No one is spurred into action by hearing about having cavities filled or getting a cleaning. They’re inspired to call your practice by remembering they want a beautiful smile, white teeth, and a healthy mouth. Remember the message, and wait for the calls to come rolling in. Give them the future, the results rather your services.

7. SEO friendliness

Make sure that your website is heightened with SEO content. SEO content drives people to your page by listing it higher in search engines. Make sure your website complies with google algorithm and is fully optimized(both on-page & off-page) for your target patients so the prospective patients in your area can find your practice easier.

8. Engage on social media

Social media is a must in today’s society. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest, social media platforms offer unique and engaging ways for your dental practice to interact with patients. Make sure the content is interesting and relevant. Quotes and humour usually work well, but whatever it is, try to make it something readers will want to share.

9. Create cross-referral alliances

Forming cross-referral alliances with other doctors and businesses in the area can be a great way to find new patients. Make sure it’s a doctor or you’re comfortable sending people to or this strategy could backfire.

10. Send a monthly e-newsletter

Keep in contact with current and potential patients by sending out a monthly e-newsletter with dental tips, new technologies and information, and maybe something “fun.” E-newsletters work as a gentle reminder to make your next appointment without being pushy or overt in the call to action.

11. Grow and manage patient testimonials and reviews

Reviews are steadily becoming more important as new patients conduct online searches to find a new dentist in their area. Also, more google reviews and higher rating increase your business ranking on google map.

15. Optimize your website for mobile

A lot of people search for local services, including dentists, from their mobile phones or tablets instead of a traditional computer. Make sure your website is optimized for these devices so that it is easy to navigate and gather information or super easy to find your practice phone number and give you a call, no matter how a potential patient accesses it.

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12. Develop a referral incentive program

Incentivize current patients to refer their friends and family in case they need your dental services to your practice with discounts on future services. This will increase the number of your patients.

13. Be an expert dentist

Patients want to know they’re in good hands. By writing occasional articles for magazines or newspapers and then featuring them on your website and in your office, you give patients a sense that you’re an expert in your field, which builds confidence in your abilities. This content should also be placed online and be SEO friendly which Zara Basiri can help you with that.

14. Use videos to market your practice

There’s no doubt about videos being more engaging than plain text. Speak to potential patients by posting a well-made video on your website, which may feature a tour of your office. Visuals tend to work better than other marketing schemes. Probably answering some very frequent questions by patients on your video and putting that on your website for new visitors.

15. Use a unique and consistent logo and tagline

This may sound obvious, but consistent and attractive branding is one of the most important elements involved in gaining new patients. It will create brand recognition and a sense of awareness among your patients and any new clientele. I repeat, CONSISTENCY is so important for brand recognition. Make sure your practice name is exactly same as your website Url, logo name and your business listing on Google and other local directories.

16. Always have a call to action

Don’t forget to put a call to action and phone number at the bottom of every page of your website and on every piece of marketing material!

17. Pay Per Click (PPC)

 PPC advertising is a great way to get the most from your marketing plan as fast as possible. These purchased advertisements help develop a clientele and recruit new traffic based on paid placement on a search engine. It targets consumers based on their searches and leaves you in a position to attract new people to your page, another strategy that Zara Basiri encourages.

If you are serious about growing your practice with a constant stream of new patients in need of your services with predictability & measurable ROI, feel free to schedule a Free 30 min strategy session call with Zara Basiri by simply sending us a message on Messenger™ or directly Schedule a Call.

All the best!

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