Mobile Friendly Website (Google New Updates)


Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly Yet?!

If Not, Good Luck With Your Business Future!

If Yes, good Job. You Are Going To Stay In the Game for a Very Long Time and Even Grow More!

Google Breaking NEWS:

Google Will Punish You If You Don’t Have A Mobile-Friendly Website. That’s right…Google is trying to put Mobile Users first. Why Not?! They include over %75 of online users. So you need to put your Mobile User Customers first too, for the sack of your business future.


On April 21, 2015, Google announced that Google Search results will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results optimized for their devices(Mobile/Tablet).

Google started to implement new updates more seriously on May 2016. This happened by Penalizing Non-Mobile Friendly Websites. This resulted in their MASSIVE search ranking loss and getting disappeared online.

Why NOT Having a Mobile-Friendly Website Will HARM Your Business Reputation?!

1.Your Customers Will NOT Visit Your Website Ever Again:

Because the content is very small on the smartphone. they can’t see and read your website content. There is No easy way to find the Call to Action Buttons. either they are small or not clickable.

You’ve experienced it for yourself …

You’re uncomfortably pissed off and tell yourself you’ll just visit the site later but you never remember… & NON of Your Customers will ever come back to a Non-Mobile Friendly Website ever again.

As a business owner or content creator, you cannot allow these things to happen. As this is a MASSIVE loss of OVER %75 of GROWING customers using Smartphones only for their LOCAL Searches.


This Number is Rapidly Increasing and Smartphones are going to be the sweetest portable asset of most of the people in near future which they use it for almost every personal search.


2. Google Will Penalize Your Site and Drop Your Rankings so You’ll Get Disappeared:

During the recent years number of Mobile Users Massively increased & it’s going to rapidly grow even more in coming years. Google decided to have a serious Updates on its Mobile Search Results Rankings as Google Follows User Needs.

With this New Updates, Websites which switched to be Mobile Friendly are going to rank higher in Google Mobile Search results so the user will have a good experience using Google as a search engine for their Local searches. Also, the user will have a good experience by visiting Mobile Friendly Websites that are so easy to Navigate and use.


Companies that switched their website to Mobile-Friendly Version will increasingly see a MASSIVE growth in their Revenue and number of Customers that they get online through Mobile Search Results. You don’t stay behind your Competitor.



NOW What Should I Do?!!!

Don’t stay behind your Competitor. Don’t let them grab your customers on mobile.


Check if Your Website Is Mobile Friendly On Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Enter your website URL and wait a few seconds till Google Robot Crawls your site.

The result will be either one of the following:



-If your site is Mobile-Friendly,

Congrats, Lucky you are and No need to worry about it. Now you can think of doing Mobile SEO for your Site if you really want to make a MASSIVE growth on your business Revenue as Future Business success massively relies on Mobile Search Results. If you Rank Higher in Google mobile searches you gain twice or more customers than Desktop. We are specialised and World class updated with changes in Google SEO every second. Feel free to Contact us.


-If it happened that your website is NOT Mobile-Friendly,

Don’t Worry, We do offer Mobile Friendly Website Design & Development with Hosting that makes it very easy for your customers to Navigate your site, find your website menu, Read your website content easily by just scrolling up & down and standard font size for mobile and most of all Call your business with a Single Clickable Button and many more.


To discuss more about making your website Mobile-Friendly, Please fill out the following Discovery Form:



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