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One Stop Digital Marketing Services For Dental Clinics

Our Clients Dental Clinic Revenue Increase By Approximately ~40% Within The First 6 Months Of Working With Us. Looking To Scale Too? Let’s Talk!

One Stop Digital Marketing Services For Dental Clinics

Our Clients Dental Clinic Revenue Increase By Approximately ~40% Within The First 6 Months Of Working With Us. Looking To Scale Too? Let’s Talk!

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We are a Digital Dental Marketing Agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Our parent company is IZI Marketing, founded in 2016 by Zara Basiri, Dental Marketing Consultant and former Dental Nurse. We currently serve clients from around the world including US, UK and Australia.
Currently our team has been able to achieve amazing results of increasing our dentist client's revenue anywhere from 34% to 40% on average within 6 months only.
Our team of experts are growing fast. The technology and softwares we use for dental marketing, upgrade frequently to best serve our dentist clients with their patient generation, automation and high conversion.

Dr. Howard Farran from Dental Town Interviewing Our Founder Zara Basiri

Watch Dr. Howard Farran's interview with our founder Zara Basiri. Dr. Farran is the founder and CEO of DentalTown, Orthotown and Hygienetown in US. Zara Basiri have a lot of respect for Dr. Farran and it was an honour to be invited by him to be interviewed. In this interview you will learn about both within clinic patient relationship as well as a few digital dental marketing tips. Watch the interview youtube video by clicking on the button below.



If you are a dental clinic owner, then you’d surely know how crucial your website’s design is. Moreover, in order to stand out among your rivals, you gotta be very conscious about...


PPC marketing allows you to advertise your dental practices by paying for your dental advertisement to show up in the SERPs and book more than half of the patients who click on your ads…


To keep it as simple, dental SEO is the most influential marketing tactic for dental professionals, which helps to build trust and reliability among dentists and potential patients…


If you want to have more patients to show off your dental practices, then you better slide into their mailboxes with some appropriate things to offer. In dental..


The most common way to drive traffic to your site is by SEO, using PPC strategy, or having designed your dental website. But the quickest and easiest of them all is creating ads on different social...


When you are investing your time and money in marketing your professional practice as a dentist, then you also have to keep a check in its activity. Dental call tracking system enables.

Working Process

Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Clients



Analysing your competition in your local area. Researching dental terms that your patients use in order to look for a new dentist.



We developed a proven strategy that works really well & we mastered that in the Dental niche.



Getting pre-booked clockwise, 24/7 online even when sleeping. Never worry about empty books & appointment gaps again.



Once you start working with us, your business success becomes our #1 priority like it's our own business.


Expert Dental Marketing Team

Zara Basiri

Founder & Dental Nurse

Galal Ayman

Dentist & Website Designer

Suzie B.

Project Manager


Don’t Just Take Our Words, Hear From Our Happy Clients & Forever Fans:


Zara is a leading expert who has the ability to help surgeons grow their practice through the latest online marketing strategies available. She is mentored by the top digital marketers in the nation of the united states. I would highly recommend her services.

Matt Faulkner
Marketing Director, Dr. Bite

I have used Zara’s services for over 6 months now, they have done my Google Ad campaigns, landing pages, SEO for my website. Their services have brought a positive impact on my new leads, I will highly recommend Zara and her team.

Dr. Sumeet Singh
Principal Dentist, The Smile Clinic

Honestly, Couldn’t be happier. Zara and her team is super quick and professional in what they are doing. Our company profited around $15,000 since we started working with them recently.

CEO, Fast Fencing

Zara is very good at Facebook marketing in dentistry.

Dr. Changjie Guo
Principal Dentist, Rein Dental

Zara and her team were quick to respond with good, ongoing communication as they updated my website. The team designed the website, added SEO and walked me through how to set up WooCommerce. Thanks Zara and team!

Vanessa Russell
Writer, TWINBE & HB

“Zara has a specialized skill set that you simply won’t find anywhere else and if you are serious about your business you will do whatever it takes to earn the right to work with her. I am confident in referring business to her because I know the clients needs will not only be met but be exceeded, and she will treat them with the professionalism and respect that they deserve”

Chris Walker
CEO, SuperstarSEO

Case Study Video​ - Dr. Sumeet Singh

Hear from our happy clients themselves about their experience working with us for the last few years. Here is Dr. Sumeet Singh, Principal Dentist of The Smile Clinic based in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Sumeet went from no online visibility, relying on word of mouth and inconsistent flow of new patients to now having his revenue increased by around 20K per month in short term, having a professional website, daily enquiries and consistent calls as well as ranking #4 in his area already after just 3.5 month of SEO campaign and well on his way for hitting top #3 positions soon. Play the video to hear from himself.



We Let The Results Speak For Themselves!

Working Process

Who We Work With

Not every dental clinic is the right fit for our services. We carefully assess to see if we are a right fit for each other to make sure our partnership is a Win-Win situation!



And have been established already (NOT a Starter)


Steady Flow

Practices that already have a steady flow of Patients.


Clear Planing

Starters that have a clear business plan and Marketing Fund.


Action Takers

We found out that clients who are action takers turn out to be our best clients and we end up getting them amazing results.


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Why Work With Us

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Because You Can't Take Leads To The Bank

We have a fully built out Patient Lead Nurturing System that allows us to maximise conversions and help giving you as many “Booked Appointments” as possible.

We provide Free access to our Lead Nurturing Platform (Worth $500 per month)

Text, Email, Call and Book patients all from within our app. All on auto-pilot.



Dr. Howard Farran from Dental Town interviewing our Founder Zara Basiri on Dental Marketing Tips

It was a great honour to be interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran, Founder...

How to Choose the Right Dental Marketing Agency

Whether you have just started your dentistry practice or you’ve been practicing for...

10 Critical Features for Dental Website Design

If your business is not on the internet, you are out of business....

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Many dentists want to get more new patients from their websites, but they seem not to be able to get as many patients as they desire. Dental Digital Marketing is a way of advertising dental clinics online, increase the exposure to their business and attract more new patients.

We have been working with Dental Clinics since 2016, and currently work with multiple practices.

No, Absolutely Not. We will talk to you about your coverage area and if we get enquiries or dentist referred to us for dental marketing that are collapsing with your coverage area, we will reject their application. We only work with One dentist in any covered area cause we don’t want to compete against ourself.

We don’t just show you website traffic, we work based on measuring actual results which are patient online enquiries Plus phone calls, as a results we will show you the number of Leads and phone calls you received for the investment that you did. It includes every leads full details (confidential) as well as their phone numbers and date, time and duration of the calls using our call tracking system. We report you the actual results that matters for your ROI.

Simply fill out the contact form above or send us your enquiry through our Chat icon on the website and one of our team member will get in touch with you to put you in the right direction with one of our experts.

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