We help dentists skyrocket their clinic’s revenue. Our Clients Revenue Increase By 34% On Average Within the first 6 Months of working with Us. Looking to scale too? Let’s Talk!

How we get you results

Market Research

Analysing your competition in your local area. Researching dental terms that your patients use in order to look for a new dentist

Digital Dental Marketing

Dominating top digital platforms that your patients spend most of their time on and make it easy for them to book with you instead

New Patients Generation

Getting pre-booked clockwise, 24/7 online even when sleeping. Never worry about empty books & appointment gaps again

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All-in-One Dental Marketing Service For Local Dentists


Ready To Get Fully Booked? 

After having a direct conversation with 200+ Australian Dentists, we have found 3 major problems facing practice owners today:

Not having a proven & predictable marketing strategy in order to bring in new patients

  1. Patients getting more marketing savvy due to the competitive online presence of other practices
  2. Not having a constant stream of quality new patients coming in every month

Ever wondered why the competitor’s practice is always busy and fully booked while you are just hoping for more patients this week? How people find out about their practice, brand story, their strength and values that they offer? How can YOU attract the same local patients to your practice rather than your competitor next door?

To solve these problems we developed a proven strategy that works really well & we mastered that in the Dental niche.

With that said, there are several reasons why you may be interested in Digital Marketing for your Dental Practice. It could be any of the following:


  • The Number Of Your New Patients
  • Position/Ranking In The Search Engines
  • Visibility On Google™ To Your Potential Patients
  • Overall Revenue
  • Broad Brand Awareness Online
  • Or any of the other tons of reasons many people inquire

If you are aware of the massive impact of online presence on a dental practice success, you will definitely find our digital marketing services as a high-value investment which can give you a good return on your investment.

Although not every Dental Marketing Consultant or a General Consultant is a good fit for your practice. With this in mind prior to signing you up as a client for our services, we need the following requirements to make sure you are also a good fit for us.


We work with:

  • Practices that already have a steady flow of Patients
  • And have been established already (NOT a Starter)
  • Starters that have a clear business plan and Marketing Fund

If that’s you, then feel free to Apply Now to get started and benefit from our expertise to get an incredible result for your practice revenue.

Why Work With Us?

You May Found Us Because We Rank #1 For “Dental Marketing Consultant” or Rank #1 for “Digital Dental Marketing” Nationally in All AUSTRALIA Plus Many #1 Rankings on Google™ Globally.

If we can get great results for ourselves, we surely can help you dominate your market and overtake your competitors too.

Ranking #1 for “Digital Dental Marketing”
Ranking #1 For “Dental Marketing Consultant”

A Glimpse of Our Past Results

Campaign Screenshot (740+ New Dental Patient Enquiries – Dentist Client of 1.5 Years):
Campaign Screenshot (130+ New Dental Patient Enquiries – Dentist Client of 3 Months):
Don’t Just Take Our Words, Hear From Our Happy Clients & Forever Fans:


Dr. Sumeet Singh – Principal Dentist (The Smile Clinic)

“I have used IZI marketing services for over 6 months now, they have done my Google Ad campaigns, landing pages, SEO for my website. Their services have brought a positive impact on my new leads, I will highly recommend IZI marketing to any company.”

Reza – Founder & Director (Fast Fencing Company)

“Honestly, Couldn’t be happier. IZI Marketing team is super quick and professional in what they are doing. Our company profited around $15,000 since we started working with IZI Marketing recently.”

Dr. Changjie Guo – Principal Dentist (Rein Dental)

Zara is very good at Facebook marketing in dentistry.”

Matt Faulkner – Marketing Director (at Dr.Brite)

“Zara is a leading expert who has the ability to help surgeons grow their practice through the latest online marketing strategies available. She is mentored by the top digital marketers in the nation of the united states. I would highly recommend her services.”

Chris Walker – CEO & Founder (SuperstarSEO)

“Zara has a specialized skill set that you simply won’t find anywhere else and if you are serious about your business you will do whatever it takes to earn the right to work with her. I am confident in referring business to her because I know the clients needs will not only be met but be exceeded, and she will treat them with the professionalism and respect that they deserve”

Please note:

we only got to choose to work with ONE Dentist in any specific area and suburb. Unfortunately, we cannot sign you up as a client if we have another dentist client targeting your area for the new patients. In order to find out whether we can work together, please don’t hesitate to click on the button below to “Apply Now” before your competitor does.

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