Who is Zara Basiri?

Zara Basiri - SEO & Google AdWords Consultant MelbourneZara Basiri is a Dental Marketing Consultant & Dental Nurse in Melbourne, Australia.


After speaking to 900+ Australian dentists she saw a big gap and deep need for the local dentists to have a predictable and proven system in place in order to get a steady flow of quality new patients with measurable ROI.


She developed multiple untapped digital marketing skills, methods and strategies for this matter and mastered that in the dental industry and came up with a proof of concept and proven system to help the local dentists the best way possible. She has a medical background as well. She pursues her love for the dental industry by working part time as a Dental Nurse when she is not doing Digital Marketing for her clients. 🙂


ZARA BASIRI helps Dentists grow their practice exponentially & get more targeted, high-quality exposure from Google™ using her unique & untapped digital marketing skills.

She also has great skills in Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords & been mentored by top Facebook Marketers in the world generating Millions of dollars on a monthly basis using the same strategies that Zara has been mentored for.

By combining these 2 platforms mixing with unique skills she has on these platforms, she outperforms your competitor in your industry and increases your clientele.

Through the years she improved her expertise on Facebook™ marketing and came up with the proof of concept & a proven system on how things work the best for the dental professions on these platforms.


Just to name a few of  her milestones:

*Ranking a brand new site to the first page of Google for multiple keywords within 2 weeks, completely organically (Note: Brand New site takes up to 3 months to rank for a good position on google)

*Ranking youtube videos to Number #1 position and the first page of Google within 24 hours

*Getting a %50 Conversion Rate for a client AdWords™ campaign when the conversion goal was only %10

*Getting her Dentist client, his very first phone call from their newly setup & optimized Facebook page within 2 days




*Ranking a client’s facebook™ page to the first page of Google (top 5 positions) for their highly targeted local keyword in Melbourne.





*Most importantly, getting her own personal company website ranking #1 and on the 1st page of Google for multiple high-competitive and main industry keywords with little to NO SEO done on her site. (Because her favourite method of marketing is Facebook ads which she really enjoys that, as she knows how it works the best. The secret relies on knowing what google loves and Google best practices when designing your website, so she does the same using her knowledge from Google when she was designing every page of her own website.

The secret relies on knowing what google loves and Google best practices when designing your website, so she did the same using her knowledge from Google when she was designing every page of her own website. and the following was just a few of all the results:





  • and much more …


P.S: The reason some of the important info, keywords and client info is hidden is that we respect our client’s privacy and keep their info confidential from their competitors. Also, the other reason is that we have been burnt before, already from some competitors not playing the fair game by copying our work, competing in rankings in unfair ways so I hope this makes sense to you.

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Dental Marketing Consultant/ Dental Nurse


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