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Mobile SEO is going to be a Massive Google search engine revolution. From now on having a Mobile-friendly and High ranking for Mobile websites is going to be so much more important and PROFITABLE.

You already know that everyone uses their mobile device for most of their online works and they have this small device with them everywhere. So Google decided to focus more on Mobile Users by taking the first very serious action on 21st April 2015. All websites need to be mobile friendly these days as over %75 of search engine users are using Mobile daily. These numbers will increase way more till 2020.

Also, websites that are Mobile Friendly will rank higher in Mobile Search Results. So, it’s going to be very important and competitive for ranking in Mobile search results.

Websites that are not mobile friendly are in serious danger of getting disappeared from Mobile Search Results.

The good news is that only %20 of companies are aware of this and made their websites mobile friendly and collecting all the money from mobile user customers. The bad news is when you don’t actually take action. because soon everyone finds out about this little known secret and going to start competing with you or outranking you with Powerful Mobile SEO on their website.

Now you can secure your spot in the future and benefit multiple times more because of taking action before anyone else.

You need to do these 2 High Value and very important Things:

  1. Make your website Mobile Friendly ASAP (otherwise, you’ll get panelized by Google)
  2. Start doing a Mobile SEO on your site: in order to rank in the mobile search result and gain %70 more leads


How to find out if my website is Mobile Friendly or Not?!

Answer: Simply go to Google FREE tool called Mobile-Friendly Test and enter your website URL.


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